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Natural Landscape of Sedona

Sedona Hotels, Attractions, and Information

Written by Alexia Davis

In October 1901, a man by the name of Theodore Schnebly arrived with his wife and two children in what is now known as Sedona, Arizona. At the time this was an opportunity for more contact with the outside world and Mr. Schnebly requested a post office for the area with the name of "Schnebly Station". In 1902 the Post Office Department approved the request but said the name was too long for the stamps, so Mr. Schnebly changed the name to his loving wife's name, Sedona. Theodore was the first postmaster of Sedona, Seasons Change in Sedona which was eventually recognized and incorporated as a city in 1988. Sedona has become one of Arizona's most popular cities for tourism, resorts, recreational activities, retirement, and the arts. Historically, Sedona was a rural ranching community with little acknowledgement from the rest of the world until the motion picture industry captured it's beauty in western films such as John Wayne's "The Angel and the Badman". The mystical landscapes of Sedona are seen today in several movies, commercials and television shows. The local Native Americans considered the terrain of Sedona the "spiritual vortex" of the Southwest. The crimson rock formations and Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon parks hold an unusual amount of natural beauty that is only further enhanced by the constant sunshine and clean, dry air. Sedona is located under the rim of the Colorado Plateau Red Rocks of Sedona in the Southwestern desert at an elevation of 4500 feet. This is a prime location as it is a short trip to both Phoenix and Flagstaff and an even shorter trip to surrounding golf courses, shopping, galleries, museums, national parks and many other recreational activities and attractions.

Help Celebrate Sedona's 100th Birthday

This year is Sedona's 100th Birthday making it a great time to see it again or for the first time. City pride will be abundant, as will events and festivals to celebrate, making it especially fun for families with young children. The Historic District of Old Town Cottonwood is the original town center that was built up at the turn of the century when mining was the economic staple of the community. The commercial center contained Pink Jeep Tours of Sedona all the necessities such as general stores, car dealerships, hardware stores, and of course, bootleggers. Today it is a collection of diversified shops, art galleries, antique stores, cafes, and charming places to stay. Sedona is reputed for it's wonderful selection of places to shop, in particular, the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, which contains over forty galleries and shops. This is an ideal location for purchasing Native American art, pottery, rugs, jewelry and baskets. The Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village has been a Sedona landmark since the 1970's and is modeled after Guadalajara. Sedona's history is thoroughly examined at the Sedona Heritage Museum. The museum is set in the farmhouse of Walter and Ruth Jordan who were the first pioneers of Sedona. The house Rushing River of the Red Rocks holds the original, restored furniture of the Jordan's and shows visitors how life truly was for the pioneers. The museum also displays movies that were made in Sedona, cowboy life, and vintage machinery. This museum is one of Sedona's historical treasures and is a perfect way to spend a day for families and individuals alike. Kids are welcomed and encouraged in educational, fun activities.

Beautiful Nature and Wildlife in Sedona

Of course one cannot visit Sedona without experiencing the splendor and natural beauty of the Red Rock Cliffs, the Verde River, Coconino National Forest, and Oak Creek Canyon. There are several National Parks established among these majestic sights/sites and all of them offer a unique way to see and enjoy the surroundings in all their glory. The Slide Rock State Park is a forty-three acre historical apple farm located in Championship Golf Courses Oak Creek Canyon. The Park is named after it's famous Slide Rock, a natural waterslide that was created by erosion to the creek bottom. Visitors may slip and slide down the slick water chute or sunbathe and swim along the creek. The park also has trails for hiking or a leisurely walk and it is close to many of Coconino National Forest hiking trails. Another historical and environmental structure is the awe-inspiring Montezuma Castle, which is snuggled against the limestone cliffs of the Verde Valley. High above the flood plain of Beaver Creek is the twenty room structure that was once used as a dwelling for the Sinagua Indiana over 600 years ago. The structure was once associated with the Aztec Emperor of Montezuma, but it was later discovered that the "castle" was abandoned long before Montezuma was even born. There is a tour of the area provided as well as displays depicting life of the Sinagua Indians. Also located along the Verde River is the Dead Horse Ranch State Park. A six-mile stretch of the river is known as Reflecting in Sedona the Verde River Greenway, it is an area that is unique for it's abundance of life and an ecosystem that allows for visitors to get a glimpse of the various species of raptors, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish. The Dead Horse Ranch offers several trails ranging in difficulty throughout the 423 acres and great locations for camping, fishing, canoeing or picnicking. The park often hosts events and activities like pottery workshops, fishing clinics, geology tours and horseshoe tournaments. Sedona offers its visitors some unusual and exciting ways to see all of this nature and wildlife. One of the local favorites is the Pink Jeep Tours that offers an adventurous off road excursion into the Sedona terrain. For those who always have their head in the clouds, try the hot air balloon tours or a helicopter tour. There is a tour for everyone whether you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, ride a horse, or drift down a river in a canoe.

Something for Everyone in Sedona

There is also plenty to do and see in the city of Sedona ranging from culture to casinos. For those who enjoy the outdoors, but prefer sand traps and the green of a golf course, there are several championship courses in Sedona. In between shopping, golfing and gallery hopping there are great cafes to stop in for bite to eat, a quick drink or coffee and a friendly atmosphere. After refueling you can wonder into one of Sedona's psychic's for a reading or over to a spa for a massage and some pampering. If you prefer the metaphysical aspects of life, Sedona offers spiritual retreats for those seeking to connect with nature in a deeper way. Whether you spend the days in Sedona hiking and sightseeing or shopping and seeing psychics, it is agreed that the nightlife in Sedona is varied enough to suit everyone's needs. There are casual and fine dining establishments, places for families and places for dates, there are funky jazz clubs and energetic casinos, and there are theatres and concert venues. Sedona is simply loaded with ways to entertain and amuse even the most difficult crowd and once night falls the city opens up an entirely new realm of prospects. Sedona is understandably an extremely popular vacation spot; so the sooner you start planning the better.

Sedona Hotels, Attractions, and Information
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